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Musically Gifted 

A Case of Brilliance by Rebecca Lange Hein
One family's story of raising musically and academically gifted children... a fascinating read! Visit XLibris for a sample chapter...
Music maestro: some of the best software begins with a blank screen by Del Siegle
What makes an empty container so attractive? Creative possibilities. Parents and educators can learn from the lesson of children at play with empty boxes when selecting software. While a myriad of quality educational software programs exist, some of the best programs resemble an empty box...
Performing Arts Instruction for Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted Children by Beth Wright
What special considerations do parents and educators need to make when planning performing arts instruction for exceptionally and profoundly gifted (hereafter referred to as eg/pg) children? Such children are marked by specific traits, about which parents and educators must be familiar in order to properly accommodate this special population...
Prodigy, 4, Plays One Mean Trumpet (CBS)
"He said he wanted to try it," recalls his mother, Beth Bingham, "and so I showed him how to blow a note,"  Geoffrey was in love...
Teaching Genius: Dorothy DeLay and the Making of a Musician by Barbara Sand
Some people are born teachers, some become great through experience, and some become famous through their students. The renowned violin teacher Dorothy DeLay fits all three categories... at Julliard, with students including Itzhak Perlman...
Williams Syndrome: A Study of Unique Musical Talents in Persons with Disabilities
Smiling, sociable, and often musically adept, persons with Williams Syndrome (WS) have only recently been recognized as a distinct group of people with talents and needs that may differentiate them from people with other disabling conditions
Last updated September 12, 2014
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