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Gifted Leadership

"Five well-researched personality factors associated with successful leadership are sociability, cooperativeness or diplomacy, integrity, emotional stability, and intelligence. The trait of intelligence has helped establish leadership as a type of giftedness.  The challenge for educators and parents is to figure out how best to encourage and nurture leadership at an early age. All children, intellectually gifted or not, can improve their leadership skills..." Creating Opportunities to Develop Leadership Ability in Duke Gifted Letter

Also visit ... Differentiation of Instruction, and visit Internet Investigations and (Free) Online High School Courses for free curriculum and courses to supplement your classroom!

Civic Leadership Project co-sponsored by Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development, and Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth
Three-week summer service-learning program for highly able students completing grades 9 through 12. Each Civic Leadership Institute integrates challenging academic work, community service, hands-on field experiences, guest speakers and facilitated debates and discussions, for a summer that students often describe as "life-changing."  A model for gifted leadership programs...
Creating Opportunities to Develop Leadership Ability in Duke Gifted Letter
Ten effective leadership skills were gathered from firsthand observation of gifted children... With these skills in mind, you can begin to identify and select activities at the school, around the home, and in the community that allow your child to practice and refine leadership. Here are four ideas recommended for gifted adolescents...
Literature's Leaders
Personal integrity, practical knowledge, survival techniques, political and spiritual motivation, social commentary, ethics and morality, and much more can be found in these novels...

Last updated September 12, 2014

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