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Gifted Help Wanted!

These organizations are seeking employees in gifted fields.  Please contact the organization directly, as specified, for more information.  Hoagies' Gifted Education Page is not responsible for the positions represented by these postings, and offers this space as a service to the gifted community.  Click for details...

bulletMetrolina Scholars Academy Math Teacher bulletWichita Public Schools Gifted - Language Arts Teacher

Metrolina Scholars Academy Math Teacher (2014-2015)

Position Details

Title: 7 & 8 grade math teacher

Description: The Scholars Academy is looking for a math teacher for our 7th and 8th grade classes. Candidates MUST have experience teaching High School math curriculum; Math I, Math II, and Math III (or Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry). Experience with gifted students is a plus.

Send your resume to ayodice@scholarsacademy.org

Benefits: Pay and benefits are competitive with the surrounding districts.

Requirements: Must have a NC license. Must have experience teaching HS math.

Start Date: 8/18/2014

Contact Name: Anthony Yodice
Contact Phone:
(704) 503-1112
Contact Fax:
(704) 503-1183
Contact Email: ayodice@scholarsacademy.org

Posted June 18, 2014. 


Wichita Public Schools Gifted - Language Arts Teacher (2014-2015)

Position Details

ACCOUNTABILITY: Building Principal

JOB SUMMARY: The Classroom Teacher is directly responsible to the building administrator for assistance in the development of mental, social, emotional, and physical growth of each pupil assigned to the teacher's class. In carrying out these responsibilities, the Classroom Teacher:


bulletIs present during those hours when the teacher has an assigned responsibility with pupils while school is in session.
bulletPrepares completely and adequately to carry out his/her responsibilities to his/her pupils.
bulletPerforms the necessary administrative work related to the assignment, including completion of all reports required by the teaching assignment and the building administration.
bulletAttends all staff conferences, individual conferences between teacher and administrator, and is available for pupil and parent conferences, including conferences for writing IEP's and staffing for special education.
bulletSupervises pupils in and around the school building for a reasonable period of time before and after the school day.
bulletConducts instructional programs in a manner consistent with the curricular objectives of the course.
bulletTeaches with an understanding and respect for the individuality of each pupil.
bulletTeaches with a scrupulous regard for honesty and accuracy without distortion or falsification.
bulletEvaluates his/her instruction in a continual effort to meet the highest standards set by the teaching profession.
bulletAdheres strictly to professional ethics.
bulletMaintains and enforces discipline and pupil control and enforces school regulations.
bulletMakes necessary referrals of pupils to other professional personnel or specialist.
bulletMakes provisions to assure that substitute teachers will have adequate direction in their work.
bulletFully performs supplemental assignments, if any, in a professional manner.
bulletConducts tasks such as planning, grading, and telephone conferences.
bulletUndertakes efforts, which promote professional growth at his/her own discretion.
bulletCollects and accounts through appropriate records all money to be used for educational purposes and exercises reasonable care to assure that any money collected will not be lost.
bulletReports all cases of suspected child abuse or neglect.
bulletCarries out the duties and responsibilities, which are assigned.
bulletObserves, enforces, and is directed by the policies, rules, and regulations adopted by the school district.
bulletAttends programs designed for the involvement of parents, students, and community patrons when school is not in session as determined by the school building committee.
bulletAssumes responsibility for keeping parents informed between grading periods when pupil performance is less than satisfactory or when performance deviates from reasonable expectation for an individual pupil.


bulletKS Teaching License
bulletGifted endorsement
bulletEnglish Language Arts Endorsement

Wichita Public Schools
Wichita KS 67202

Posted April 9, 2014. 

Last updated September 13, 2014

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