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With acknowledgment to Jon's List of Home-School Resources for parts of this list
URL: http://www.armory.com/~jon/hs/HomeSchool.html

Alternative vs traditional classroom
Subscription address: majordomo@makelist.com
Post messages to: alternatives@makelist.com
Home schooling; a very broad list with lots of traffic
Subscription address: home-ed-request@world.std.com
Include your e-mail address in the request as this is not an automated listserv. Post messages to: home-ed@world.std.com
Strong Christian conservative/libertarians
Subscription address: listproc@mainstream.com
Post messages to: home-ed-request@cc.wm.edu
Home Education Support
Friendly support for families who have elected to homeschool their children
Subscription address: HES-subscribe@topica.com
Post messages to: HES@topica.com
Entirely Christian
Subscription address: homeschool_train_up_a_child-request@mainstream.com
Post messages to: homeschool_train_up_a_child@mainstream.com
For home schoolers or people interested in home schooling
Subscription address: HomeSchool-on@mail-list.com
Post messages to: HomeSchool-on@mail-list.com
Discussion of the Montessori teaching method
Subscription address: listserv@listserv.aol.com
Post messages to: montessori-l@listserv.aol.com
Non-Religious Homeschoolers
Free exchange of ideas; no religious affiliation
Subscription address: NonReligiousHomeschoolers-subscribe@topica.com
Post messages to: NonReligiousHomeschoolers@topica.com
For home schoolers in Texas
Subscription address: listproc@jsoft.com
Post messages to: taffie@jsoft.com
Taking Children Seriously
Subscription address: listserv@netcom.com
Post messages to: tcs-list@netcom.com
Subscription address: majordomo@ctel.net
Post messages to: unschooling-list@ctel.net
West Virginia home schoolers
Subscription address: WVHSA-subscribe@topica.com
Post messages to: WVHSA@topica.com

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